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4 06 2015 007

2015 malibu wakesetter set on fire during transport

4 06 2015 018

grind all the bad fiberglass away to expose the good fiberglass

4 06 2015 020

about to grind the deck

04 11 15 006

we Hand lay up all our fiberglass to ensure a flawless end result with no air voids

04 11 15 005

fiberglass layed up by hand ready to start shaping

052715 050

Our end result is unmatched We can blend even the most tricky metal flake

052715 048

Matching metal flake is hard. We can do any color and any size with a flawless end result



04-22-15 059

pond scum? get your acid washes today!!!

04-22-15 069

acid wash done!!

061215 069

Been told your boat cannot be saved? let us take a look restoring your old gelcoat is oftentimes easier and cheaper than re applying gel coat